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Pasando el testigo científico, de padre a hija

The story has many beginnings. Dr. Leslie De Groot, raised on a dairy farm in upstate New York, where he began milking cows when he was five years old, attended Union College and graduated from Columbia Medical School, to become one of the world leaders in endocrinology research. 

During his career spanning six decades, much of his laboratory research focused on the autoimmune thyroid disorder known as Graves’ disease.

His daughter, Dr. Annie De Groot, who Co-founded EpiVax in 1998, developed pioneering computer tools known as immuno-informatics. The work has focused on identifying the properties of infectious and autoimmune diseases and the links to Tregitopes [discovered by EpiVax], an epitope that can turn off an immune response.


Pasando el testigo científico, de padre a hija